By Wendy Volk

Number One Properties is providing consumers in their community with tips to prepare for the home buying and selling season, which usually falls between March and June each year. For consumers preparing to sell their home, it is important to remember that a well dressed home usually sells faster and for a higher price than the average house. When getting a home ready in this seller’s market, consumers can use the following tips provided by Number One Properties to dress their home for selling success.

Start with the exterior and make the most out of a home’s curb appeal- this is the first impression that a potential buyer has of the home. If the exterior of the home needs anything from a touch-up to an overall coat of new paint, this should be a top priority. Use neutral colors that are appropriate to the specific neighborhood. Other exterior remedies to consider include the mailbox and street address. Make sure they are freshly painted and clean.

Landscaping should also be a detail not to be overlooked. Make sure the lawn is green and that all shrubbery is well watered and neatly trimmed. An added touch is flowers near the front entrance and under front exterior windows. Homebuyers often look out the windows at the yard, so in addition to being clean, close attention should be paid to the landscaping of these areas, especially from the kitchen, family room and living room windows.

Inside, all clutter should be reduced completely. Clutter tends to distract homebuyers from the features of the home. It is best if buyers can picture their personal belongings in the space. Leave rooms uncluttered enough for this vision, but at the same time, filled with enough personal belongings to make the house look livable. Aim to decorate each room with a continuity of style and draw attention to the primary features of the house like a fireplace, a bay window, a vaulted ceiling or outside view.

Walls are the largest element in any room, and how they are covered and decorated can alter the room’s appeared size, mood and function. Choose neutral colors for both the walls and floors to create an open and larger look. Mirrors can be strategically placed to open up the living space of rooms.

To help stay organized during the process, make a game plan with two separate lists: Must-Have Necessities and Nice-to-Have Additions. When making budget choices and other decisions, the lists will provide a benchmark from which to proceed. These five steps can be followed to simplify both exterior and interior work:

·        Uncluttering

·        Cleaning

·        Repairing

·        Neutralizing-a house with neutral paint colors, décor and carpeting will not only open the house up, and it also accommodates anyone’s decorating style.

·        Dynamizing- creating a feeling that impacts the potential buyer beyond the home tour and makes them want to return to the house.


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